365 Days of the Black Hero

Now that the 365 Days of the Black Hero project has come to an end I want to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions. I apologize if I did not do your suggestion but there were more heroes than I had days. This was never meant to be the definitive list of black heroes. Some heroes that made the list are not more worthy than other heroes that did not. I purposely included some rather obscure heroes and omitted some obvious ones. I did this to show that there are more than just 365 black heroes. I wanted to show the depth, breadth, and variety of black people’s positive contributions to history, science, literature, sports, and pop culture.

The hero needed not be a saint or meet the classical definition of “hero” but be a positive portrayal or aspect of a person. I wanted more than just Americans as well as those of mixed heritage and ancestry. There were a couple of joke heroes for fun and are not to be taken too seriously. I did not want the list to be too academic but at the same time not too frivolous.

Over the year people have asked if there will be a book or calendar, as of right now the answer is no. Currently I have no plans to do anything further with the 365 Days of the Black Hero. This project was mainly to help me practice my art skills almost daily with a subject that would keep my interest. Also it was a chance for me to learn of more black people that have contributed to our society. So it has fulfilled its purpose and I’m looking forward to working on new projects.




One Response to “365 Days of the Black Hero”

  1. officerM Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful project. I was a joy receiving the updates every day. It inspired me to become a better artist, and a better man. I also found more pride in the achievements of our black history makers, giving me the drive to add my name to the list.

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