Scribble Scrabble #22



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2 Responses to “Scribble Scrabble #22”

  1. HISwork Says:

    Your “About” page on your scribble scrabble wordpress site states you’re in San Diego, but when I last saw you at ComiCon in San Diego, I thought you said you’s moved elsewhere. Not that it’s a critical bit of information, I was just curious whete your home base of operations (warroom) was these days.

    Your sketchbooks continue to impress the jeck out of men remindimg me a bit of Steve Silver’s, from back in the day, when he attended SCCS as a local.

    That’s my way of saying “howdy” from San Diego’s east County (for the time being). Take good care, brother, and keep ’em coming; your work is inspiring as it is amazing.


    • wardellb Says:

      Hey Jay,

      Thanks for the heads up. I missed updating a couple of things when I moved to Austin, TX. Thanks for the compliment with the Silver reference. I find that high praise. Look for a big social media push in June in preparing for Comic-Con.


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